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Strada 11 Iunie 50, București, Romania


A mere observer might say that B52, the club on 11th Iunie Street, no. 50, in Bucharest, is… just another club. A “connaisseur” should know that B52 is a state of mind… one with deep roots in B52 Vama Veche.

B52 the club, was a bet first made in 2002. It became a reality in 2003, in Vama Veche, and was called, for just a month, “Suerte”, and in around mid-July of the same year, the name of the bar became “B52”.

The bet that kicked off the B52 story was that in Vama Veche, you just couldn’t bring back the feeling of Vama Veche. But B52 did it: it managed to bring together people who had the same sort of vibe, who felt good, had fun and relaxed together. It also did something else: it “stole” a piece of the Vama spirit and brought it to Bucharest.

In 2004, after we pulled down the shutters in September in Vama Veche, we gathered up all the beer cans, plastic bottles and jellyfish, shook off the sand, algae, the salty smell in our nostrils and the hangover we had… and we got to continuing the story where we left off, in Bucharest, on Popa Tatu 4, corner of Stirbei Voda. Which is where you’ll still find us today, with the same positive feeling.

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