El Dictador Club


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Strada Sfântul Dumitru 3, București 030077, Romania


Mess on the dance floor, in Club El Dictador! That’s an order! Located in the Old Town of Bucharest, St. Dumitru Street, no 3, next to Comedy Theatre, El Dictador is an athypical party space, more like an museum.

Once you get downstairs, you can taste the History of Humanity pages.
El Dictador is divided in many rooms, each one named after ex-dictators as Ceausescu, Hitler, Mussolini or Franco. You can have fun, but you can’t hide!

No matter the room you choose for you and your guests to party, you’ll have the pictures of the ex-dictators watching you.

Still, what happens in El Dictador, remains in El Dictador! If you want privacy, you can choose Pinochet, Hitler or Franco Rooms and nobody will disturb your party. Each room has tables and comfortable couches.

The room of Mussolini is the most exposed, close to the bar and the dance floor and it can host 30 party people, in Pinochet and Franco you can have fun with 15-20 friends and Hitler can „watch” about 35-40 guests.

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