National Museum of Geology


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Șoseaua Pavel Dimitrievici Kiseleff 2, București 011345, Romania


The imposing building, declared an architectural monument, was built in the Neo-Brâncoveanu style after the renowned architect Victor Ştefănescu's project at the beginning of the 20th century and was originally intended for the hosting of the Geological Institute. Carol I signed in 1906 the royal decree establishing the institute, which can be seen in the original, even in the entrance hall of the museum. A century ago, besides the research carried out here, there were collections of rocks and minerals that could be visited by the public - an early museum organized in the collections hall on the ground floor.

The first custodian of the collections, Iuliu Moisil, who was at the same time a librarian of the institute, was then followed by young geologists at the time - St. Cantuniari, V. Papiu, Al. Codarcea, Gh. Murgeanu, Gr. Raileanu. The changes made by the institute also affected the museum, so that in 1964, Al. Semaka, called custode, becomes an active supporter of the collection of collections in a national museum. After the reinventing of the existing pieces there was an exchange with other institutes from abroad to complete the existing fund, at the same time with the reorganization on the themes.

The attempt to organize a museum was thwarted by bombing and earthquakes, culminating in 1977, when the building was severely damaged, the collections being temporarily moved to another building.

Restoration and consolidation work began only in 1983, with a project that, without affecting the original style, corresponded to the idea of ​​a museum, open collections, accessible to a large audience.

The restoration of the building was made, starting with the vintage photographs, except for the Library Hall, which had massive oak furniture up to the ceiling (12 m high!) And a spiral staircase leading to the balcony surrounding the room as a girdle. The official opening of the Geological Museum was finally made in April 1990.

Currently, the museum is a section of the Geological Institute of Romania, and the people who work here are mostly geologists.

- 10 lei for adults
- 5 lei for pensioners, students and pupils
- 100 lei for guided tour

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