Palace of the Parliament

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Strada Izvor 2-4, București, Romania


We can say that The Palace of The Parliament is the main attraction of Bucharest. And the numbers prove it. You can easily see it from every corner of the city thanks to those 84 meters that rise above the ground level. Its surface of 330.000 square km makes it the second biggest building in the world, after the Pentagon.

We don’t really know if this was what Ceausescu wished. He foremost wanted the palace to become the seat of political and administrative power. And that citizenry to take pride in with a house this monumental and elegant, a house only for them – hence the local name: The People’s House. It does not even matter that many of the historical buildings from the center disappeared. We do not even mention how much money they invested in the building’s construction.

In the underground, at the top floor, is an anti-atomic bunker that can shelter more than 100.000 people and which is linked to 20 km catacombs with the main institutions of the country (to the former Central Committee, to the Defense Minister where there is another bunker built before by Hitler). Ceaușescu dreamt to drive his car through the Bucharest underground!

IMPORTANT - Don't forget your ID card or passport. You are not allowed to enter without!


Standard Tour
Adults: 40 lei/person
Students: 20 lei/person (19 - 26 years old, with a valid student ID)
Children: 10 lei/person (7 - 18 years old)

Standard + Underground Tour (access 2 floors on stairs)
Adults: 45 lei/person
Students: 23 lei/person (19 - 26 years old, with a valid student ID)
Children: 15 lei/person (7 - 18 years old)

Panoramic Tour – Terrace (lift access)
Maximum 6 people/group
Admission price: 600 lei/tour

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