Revolution Square

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Piața Revoluției, București, Romania


Important pages from recent history were written in this square. Romania was the only country from Eastern Europe that moved to democracy within a violent revolution and in which the communist leaders were executed. Before the Romanian revolution, all the other East-European states moved to democracy in a peaceful way.

Protests, street fights and all the demonstrations from December 1989 – started at Timișoara on 16 December, extended immediately in all the country and escalated dramatically at Bucharest on 21st of December – ended the communist condition. From the balcony of the palace to the east of the square, Ceaușescu addressed for the last time to the crowd, trying to cover up the revolution that already started in Timișoara by a serie of achievements of the socialist society. The crowd got carelessness this accomplishments and started to protest against by screaming: „Down with the dictator!”, “Death to the criminal!”, “We are the citizenry, down with the dictator!”. The several attempts of the couple Ceausescu to win back the control of the crowd using formulas as “hallo, hallo!” or “Stay quiet in your places!” were inconclusive. Try to imagine the scenery! The crowd left on the streets, bringing the town with them, as well as in Timișoara or in any other important cities in disorder. The first shots were in University Square.

The Memorial of Rebirth is dedicated to those 1104 Romanian people that died at Revolution. Another 3321 people were injured, among which 221 civilians and 663 soldiers.

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