Bucharest City App is a free app designed for Bucharest, meant to be extremely useful for those who live in the capital of Romania, those passing through, expats, and foreign tourists.
Inside, you will find carefully selected places that you should consider spending your free time in, and a broad variety of events. Navigating the app's intuitive menu, you'll discover new restaurants, pubs, cafes and teahouses, but also tourist attractions which have been presented individually or included in thematically relevant tours. Our own tips and secrets, from the point of view of locals, are also included in the app.
You can sort all our recommendations as you wish, based on distance (proximity), rating or several other variables, and can even add them to custom lists or under personal bookmarks. A key component of the app is the idea of sharing these lists with your friends.
Bucharest City App is a part of Eventur Group, a company based in Bucharest which has also developed the Bucharest City Guide, the Facebook page Travelers of Bucharest and the event #EnjoyBucharest.
Bucharest City App is delivered for you
by Eventur Group