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Calea Victoriei 133, București 010071, Romania


The story of the House of Vernescu unfolds centuries ago, and like any beautiful story, it hides a rich past combined with a lot of passion. It was originally built in 1821 by the Wallachian Filip Lenş, son of a nobleman of French origin.

The Palace was constructed as a wedding gift to his bride, Lisaveta Balotescu-Carpinisanu. A year later, in 1822, the building succumbed to a devastating fire. From the ashes, the then owner rebuilt the structure, turning it into the most beguiling palace of its time in Romania.

The building was rebuilt in 1882, and in 1886, heirs of Filip Lenş sold the house to Gheorghe “Guna” Dimitrie Vernescu (1829-1900), an emanate lawyer and politician, and one of the founders of the Romanian Liberal Party. From this second owner, leaning towards art and beauty, the house would inherit his name Casa Vernescu.

Vernescu himself brought more glamour and elegance to the building. Thus, between 1887 and 1889, he hired the great architect Ion Mincu to restore the villa to become the most impressive Palace on Calea Victoriei. In 1890, the paintings by George Demetrescu Mirea would complete the marble harmony with golden decorations, which feature the ceilings and walls, the stained glass and the large mirrors.

Until the end of the Second World War, the Ministry of National Economy, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce and even the Romanian Government have been headquartered here. Until 1990, the house was home to some ministries, and in 1990 it became the headquarters of the Writers’ Union of Romania.

In 1993, the house underwent a vast process of restoration, and now this masterpiece of architecture houses the renowned Palace Casino Bucharest and Restaurant Casa Vernescu. Dignified and full of mystery, the Vernescu House resisted the attempts of the time, remaining on the Mogosoaia Bridge, today’s Calea Victoriei, a landmark of Bucharest’s life ever since, and continues to captivate locals and tourists alike.

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